Accreditation of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Training Programs

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine offers voluntary accreditation to Behavioral Sleep Medicine training programs that meet the standards outlined in the accreditation application. These standards may be met at various levels of training including pre-doctoral, doctoral, intership/residency and postdoctoral programs.

The goal of accreditation is to develop accredited Behavioral Sleep Medicine training programs that provide adequate practicum and educational preparation that lead to competent practice in the specialty area of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Accredited programs will fulfill the requirements to sit for the Behavioral Sleep Medicine certification examination.

Application Instructions

To apply for Behavioral Sleep Medicine training program accreditation, the director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine program is responsible for preparing the accreditation application, along with providing the $500 processing fee.

Download Behavioral Sleep Medicine Accreditation Application

The director must also ensure that all training activities are presented as stated in the accreditation application and ensure quality control for the activities. The review committee will present the training program one of the following:

  • Up to five years of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Accreditation; length of accreditation may be shorter than five years
  • Probationary accreditation, with specification of changes to be made within a given time frame to achieve full accreditation. The applying program will receive a proviso report to meet the conditions of full accreditation. If the conditions are not satisfied, probationary accreditation automatically converts to withdrawal of accreditation.
  • Denial of accreditation with specification of changes required to satisfy accreditation standards before re-applying in the future. Programs that re-apply for accreditation will be treated as a new application, and will require an additional processing fee to be submitted.

Accreditation applications are reviewed electronically and therefore are scanned into the SBSM computer network. To facilitate this process, please refrain from using paper clips, plastic sheet protectors, staples, spiral or comb bindings and placing tabs on various pages in the application. Also, please prepare your application in a consistent manner by providing all single-sided or all double-sided copies, but not a mixture of both. Disorganized, confusing or incomplete applications will be returned.

Mail one copy of your completed application to:

    Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine
    2510 North Frontage Road
    Darien, IL 60561

Sending the application by a traceable carrier, such as FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL to insure against loss is strongly encouraged.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the SBSM by email at or by phone at (630) 737-9706.