Credentialing Exam Updates - Michael Schmitz, PSYD, CBSM

BSM Certification Update - April

Things are moving into high gear for the launch of the new BSM certification.  Thanks to the dedicated work of the SBSM Credentials Committee, our first exam question bank is now ready.

We anticipate by June 1st a new independent nonprofit board - the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BBSM) - will be up and running to oversee the BSM exam and credential.

The BBSM will contract with the Professional Testing Corporation (PTC) to manage exam application, administration, and psychometric analytics. In the meantime, the SBSM Executive

Committee has formed an implementation workgroup that will partner with key PTC leadership in the coming weeks to set-up the essential infrastructure for exam and certification launch.

The target date to open application for the BSM exam is July 15, 2018.  We anticipate the first exam will be early September.  Applicants will be able to sit for examination at over 300 testing

sites across the country.  As chair of the implementation workgroup, I want to encourage those interested in sitting for the first exam to begin preparing now for application.  The SBSM website has essential information about eligibility criteria, FAQs as well as exam content areas that may assist you in your study for the exam. Here are a few key “to dos” as you prepare to apply for the

BSM exam:

  • Check eligibility requirements to make sure you have the training and clinical hours needed to apply.
  • Obtain copies of transcripts of graduate courses and CEU certificates which will be necessary to verify didactic training.
  • For verification of Alternate Track clinical experience, contact your supervisor and/or BSM consultant as defined by BSM eligibility criteria. They will need to sign a Training

        Verification Form as part of your application.

We will keep you posted on future details through website and email updates. A BSM exam information session will also be held on June 2nd as part of the SBSM Conference and Reception at SLEEP 2018 in Baltimore. 

If  you have other questions, please feel free to direct them to and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Warm Regards,

Mike Schmitz, PsyD, CBSM
Chair, BSM Certification Implementation Workgroup