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 NEWSLETTER VOLUME 28 april 2019


PRESIDENT'S BLOG:  april 2019

Dr Donna Arand, SBSM President, shares with the readers how the SBSM Board of Directors and Committee chair are investing efforts to realign our committee infrastructure with the needs of our rapidly expanding society.   The goal is to strengthen our infrastructure, increase member participation and align individual talents with the increasing tasks of the society.  



featured member - erin cassidy-eagle, phd, dbsm

Dr. Erin Cassidy-Eagle is a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. She specializes in the treatment and study of late-life mental health disorders with a special interest in sleep and cognition. She is currently President-Elect of the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. 



Rebecca is currently working as Occupational therapist at the Kansas Univerity Medical Center and has started her PhD in rehabilitation science specifically to study sleep.



registration open; first annual scientific conference

Brochure is posted online at





reminder;  March 29, 2019:  deadline to submit abstracts for a workshop, symposium, and poster submission: 1st Annual Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (SBSM) scientific Meeting

Join us for the 1st Annual SBSM Scientific Meeting to be held September 12-15, 2019 in Birmingham, AL, at the amazing Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Resort & Spa. 

This is a destination meeting for you and your family.  Click here for more information on the Ross Bridge Resort a destination for learning, networking and relaxing.


Theme:  Advancing the Science of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and its impact on population science



2019 coding updates - practice committee  

The single code (96101) for psychological and neuropsychological testing has been deleted and is now separated into two codes with defined components:

a) Test administration and scoring (with separate codes depending on whether a technician or “qualified health care professional” administers the tests).


To bill these codes it must include administration and scoring of two or more tests.

b) Psychological evaluation services (which includes behind the scenes “cognitive work” prior to and after the face-to-face encounter with a patient, such as determining test batteries needed, changing test batteries, integrating patient data from charts, corresponding with the referral source, interpreting results, treatment planning, clinical decision making and reports, and then patient feedback).


Key Requirements:

1) The highest work value is for the first hour of psychological evaluation services and you can add-on codes as needed based on time increments. It is recommended

to document a separate log tracking start and end times for each of your evaluation services to ensure adequate reimbursement.

2) Test administration and scoring is billed in 30 minute increments with lower work values.

3) No change to the initial psychological evaluation code 90791. No change to psychotherapy codes, health and behavior codes, interactive complexity codes or psychological crisis codes


 - 2019 Psychological Testing CPT (pdf)


 - 2019 CPT Codes (pdf)


Renew your sbsm membership for 2019

Time to renew your SBSM membership, which will enable our society to continue to promote Behavioral Sleep Medicine in our region.


Your membership is more important than ever now. The rapidly changing research and clinical arena requires we communicate the changes as they unfold.


Please ask a colleague to join in support of our mission through linking with our professional community.


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SBSM education calendar - save the dates

Plan to join us: 


     2019 Journal Club Webinar

       Date:   June 21, 2019

       Time:  12:00 pm Eastern time

       Article:Reproducibility of a Standardized Actigraphy Scoring Algorithm for Sleep in a US

                   Hispanic/Latino Population       

       Presenter: Sanjay Patel, PhD 

       Discussant: Lisa Meltzer, PhD, DBSM



     2019 Practice and Consultation Webinar

       Date:   July 13, 2019

       Time:  12:00 Noon Eastern time

       Topic:  Cybersecurity

       Presenter: Wilfred Pigeon, PhD

       Discussant:  Christi Ulmer, PhD




2019 SBSM 1st Annual Scientific Conference -  Registration open!
September 12 - 15, 2019 - Birmingham, AL 

Brochure posted online at





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