Every Member of the Board of Directors 
Has Donated to the Society. Have You?

Why give?

Your membership and participation go a long way towards helping the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine achieve its goals. 
Making our agenda a reality will be no small feat; starting a new society is an expensive undertaking. Your donations will give us the ability to:

Develop more professional resources for our website (a PDF library of SBSM papers, digital membership directory, video lectures, etc.)
Expand the public section of our website to include in-depth reference materials
Host an annual meeting featuring world-class speakers
Campaign for behavioral sleep medicine awareness by collaborating with other professional societies
Offer a variety of SBSM courses and trainee related activities
The SBSM is class 501c(6) non-for-profit organization; donations are considered a business expense for tax purposes.

Individual Donors

We appreciate your contributions, however large or small. We accept donations made in honor of friends, family, and colleagues. 
Your gifts will be recognized on our website and in the program materials for the annual SBSM meeting.

Play a part in raising awareness of behavioral sleep treatments and Donate online. 
Donations may be tax deductible as a business expense. Please check with your tax advisors for specific tax advice.

Levels of Giving

William James' Club ($1000 +)
Skinner's Club ($500-999)
Pavlov's Club ($250-499)
Freud's Club ($100-249)

Corporate Sponsors

Unrestricted donations will give the donor the title of Founding Benefactor and will be listed on the webpage in perpetuity. 
These funds will be primarily utilized to establish an endowment.

Levels of Giving

Platinum ($20,000 +)
Gold ($15,000 - < $20,000)
Silver ($10,000 - < $15,000)
Bronze ($5,000 - < $10,000)

Donations to sponsor a specific event such as the annual meeting

The sponsor will be acknowledged in connection with the event and on the website during the year of sponsorship.

Levels of Giving

Platinum Sponsor ($10,000 +)
Gold Sponsor ($5,000 - < $10,000)
Silver Sponsor ($2,000 - < $5,000)


Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine List of Donors and Founding Benefactors

2011 Founding Benefactors 


Philips Respironics 
Shire Pharmeceuticals


Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Inc

2011 Individual Contributors

Pavlov’s Club

Kenneth Lichstein, PhD, CBSM

Freud’s Club

G.S. Gill, MD


Anne Bartolucci, PhD, CBSM
Lauren Broch, PhD, CBSM
Donn Posner, PhD, CBSM
Jaan Reitav, PhD

2010 Individual Contributors

Skinner’s Club

Kenneth Lichstein, PhD

Pavlov’s Club

Michael Perlis, PhD
Ryan Wetzler, PsyD, CBSM

Freud’s Club

Daniel Buysse, MD
Anne Bartolucci, PhD
Jang Chadha, MD, CBSM
Gayl Hartell, PhD
Richard Madden, PhD, MSW
Jennifer Martin, PhD, CBSM
Christina McCrae, PhD, CBSM
Charles Morin, PhD
Judith Owens, MD, MPH
Michael Smith, PhD
Daniel Taylor, PhD, CBSM
Michael Vitiello, PhD


Oscar Alea, MD
Michael Anderson, PhD, CBSM
Lauren Broch, PhD, CBSM
Grant Chikazawa-Nelson, PhD, LMFT
Nancy Digdon, PhD
Mary Kapella PhD, RN
Catherine Loomis, PhD
Saul Rothenberg, PhD, CBSM
Wendy Troxel, PhD
Jeffrey Young, PhD, CBSM