Training Program Accreditation

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine offers voluntary accreditation to Behavioral Sleep Medicine training programs that meet the standards outlined in the accreditation application. These standards may be met at various levels of training including pre-doctoral, doctoral, internship/residency and postdoctoral programs.

The goal of accreditation is to develop accredited Behavioral Sleep Medicine training programs that provide adequate practicum and educational preparation that lead to competent practice in the specialty area of Behavioral Sleep Medicine. Accredited programs will fulfill the requirements to sit for the Behavioral Sleep Medicine certification examination.

Accreditation Committee

The mandate of the Accreditation Committee is to solicit new applications and carry out the accreditation procedures with the goal of increasing BSM training programs. The committee is responsible for monitoring these procedures and making recommendations for changes in the accreditation procedures and standards to the Board of Directors as needed. The committee will recommend to the Board of Directors accreditation status for these educational programs.

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Accreditation Resource List

The Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Education Committee has created a resource list of suggested foundational articles and books to serve as a resource for training programs. Please note that this list is not comprehensive nor is this list a requirement for accredited training programs.

SBSM Accreditation Resource List (pdf)

Application Instructions

To apply for Behavioral Sleep Medicine training program accreditation, the director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine program is responsible for preparing the accreditation application, along with providing the $500 processing fee.

Download Behavioral Sleep Medicine Accreditation Application

Behavioral Sleep Medicine Re-Accreditation Policy

The Director must ensure that all training activities are presented as stated in the accreditation application and ensure quality control for the activities.

An accredited program (undergraduate, graduate, or other training program) must complete a reaccreditation application prior to the end of the accreditation term to achieve continued reaccreditation without delay or lapse in status. Reaccreditation applications are due 3-6 months prior to the program’s accreditation expiration date.

The SBSM will notify the program of their accreditation expiration 6 months in advance of their expiration date. Late applications received within 3 months prior to expiration but before the expiration date may be accepted at the discretion of the Accreditation Committee and may result in a late fee.

If a reaccreditation application has not been received prior to the accreditation expiration date or reaccreditation has been denied, the SBSM accreditation of the program will be terminated. The SBSM will also send a notice to the program indicating their accreditation has lapsed and any logos or other references to SBSM accreditation must be removed from their program. Should the program wish to seek accreditation again in the future, they will no longer qualify for the reaccreditation fee and the initial fee will apply. If a program is not SBSM accredited at the time a trainee completes their behavioral sleep medicine training, the trainee will need to use the Alternate Track for DBSM exam eligibility. Completion of BSM program training requirements is determined independently from completion of any other educational requirements (e.g. PhD, MA, dissertation, etc).

Email your completed application to:

Kathryn Hansen, BS CPC CPMA REEGT

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the SBSM by email at or by phone at 859-312-8880.